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30 Minutes | $23

1 Hour | $33

Hikes | $38

        Services subject to Goods and Service Tax (GST)                                  24+ hours cancellation | Free                                              Last minute cancellation | No Refund 


First of all, walking a dog on a loose leash isn’t as easy as it seem! Above all, it takes a lot of patience, time, praise and treats. In other words, it won’t happen overnight and you will need many training sessions. Therefore, don’t let your dog pull or you will involuntary teach him to pull harder! The Training Walk is a skilled walk where we help your dog learn to choose you over the environment. For example, we will teach your dog to look at you, stop, sit, stay and wait. Furthermore, your dog will learn polite greeting, good recall, leave it, come, let’s go, etc. Owners are welcome to join the training walk to be shown techniques and help with staying consistent.      


Busy at work and wonder how your puppy is doing by himself? Start your puppy off right with positive training! To sum up, On Leash comes to your place to give your dog a well deserved potty break and help with housetraining. Most importantly, we play lots to teach bite inhibition and get your puppy tired up so he naps until you get home. Moreover, On Leash takes the opportunity to introduce basic obedience and loose leash walking skills. When appropriate, we can bring other dogs to play and socialize with your puppy.


The solo sniffing walk is perfect if you are looking for a personalized walk. In short, we focus only on your dog and let him go at his own pace and sniff everything he is interested in. In addition, it allows us to build a strong relationship with your dog. Besides, it’s ideal to reinforce good behaviours and basic obedience as we get your dog to focus on us while getting him to trust us leading the way. Moreover, it’s the best choice if your dog is a little older or have special needs. 


First of all, socialization isn’t just for puppies! Instead, it is very important for the proper development of your dog and should be done regularly. Most importantly, your dog should be around dogs she enjoys in order to build healthy relationships. We must remember that, just like us, not every dogs get along well together! On Leash makes sure that your dog is happy to walk along his new friends by assessing the dogs’ personality, behaviour and energy. Certainly, it’s a good opportunity to reinforce recall and other basic training in a new and very distracting environment.  Availability varies depending on location and booking but our dog Pablo is always down for a walk, if temperaments are a good match! 

Additional dog from the same household | $5


If your dog is already well-behaved and can walk on loose leash, he can join the Pack Walk! Likewise, this is the perfect opportunity for your dog to meet new friends while getting some daily exercise. In addition, we like to improve your dog’s ability to focus when distracted and will work on basic obedience training. And, walks with Pablo are available daily.  WATCH VIDEOS  

30 minutes at $15   

60 minutes at $25

Daily Hikes | $35       

Additional dog from the same household | $10


Thus, all dogs love to explore the outdoor! Therefore, the Okanagan is the perfect place to do so! Firstly, On Leash picks up your dog and heads straight to a trail to let her run off-leash and get heart beat going. That is to say, if your dog isn’t good around other pups, let us know and we will take him on a private walk and work on his greeting or reactivity! Accordingly, hike’s location will vary daily and can also be offered on leash if your dog isn’t good at recall yet. 

Day Hike | $38


Going away somewhere or working long hours? Again, we can help! Indeed, while you are busy somewhere else, we come to your house to take care of your loved one. In short, the drop-in visit includes feeding and fresh water, cleaning up the messes, playtime and short walk if applicable. We also offer pet sitting at the owner’s place or at the dog walker’s place so you can enjoy your vacation with peace of mind knowing that your pet is getting the best care. In brief, On Leash is accepting dogs, cats and other pets you may have. 

$50/night at the dog walker's place & $60/night at the owner's place


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