Our Services

Private Training

Learn the basics of animal behaviors to better communication with your dog while strengthening your relationship and training skills, using science-based force-free training techniques.

From $40

Walks & Visits

Every walk is an opportunity to reinforce desirable behaviors and bond with your dog. Our drop-in visits keep your mind at ease knowing someone is is taking care of potty break, feeding and playtime.

From $23

Hike & Socialize

Our small group hikes create an opportunity to properly socialize, encourage healthy play, provide adequate physical exercise and proofing recall in distracting environment.

From $38

Pet Sitting

We treat your pets like family! To keep your dog or cat at ease, we come to your place and take care of your beloved pets while you are away. Pet sitting includes regular walks, feeding, playing, and much more.

From $60

Private training

Marie-Eve is a nomad dog trainer offering personalized online coaching to suits your need as well as in-person training (location may vary). She helps dog owners with puppy training, housetraining, loose-leash walking, focus, basic manners, greetings, proper socialization, reactivity, anxiety, and much more!

Online Coaching


Private Training


Group Walks


Education & Consistency

Reaching out to a professional dog trainer can have numerous benefits for both you and your canine companion.

A dog trainer possesses the knowledge and expertise to assess and address specific behavioral issues, helping to create a harmonious relationship between you and your dog. They can provide personalized training techniques tailored to your dog’s unique needs, facilitating effective communication and obedience.

A dog trainer can also guide you in understanding your dog’s body language and behavior, enabling you to strengthen your bond and build mutual trust. Additionally, a skilled trainer can teach you how to reinforce positive behaviors and correct undesirable ones, promoting good manners and a well-behaved pet.

By working with a dog trainer, you can unlock your dog’s full potential, enhance their quality of life, and enjoy a happier and more fulfilling partnership with your furry companion.

The Team

We are proud to offer personalized services to help you and your dog succeed. Our trustworthy dog walkers are passionate about your dog’s well-being and safety. We thrive to create long-lasting relationship, unforgettable moments to keep your pup healthy and happy.