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Reflective Dog Life Jacket


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Keep your dog safe in the water with our reflective dog life jacket. Bring Fido along kayaking and on boat trips without worrying about his safety.

Some breeds, such as Bulldogs, have difficulty floating due to their body shape and getting a life jacket can help them enjoy swimming comfortably. While some dog are good swimmers, it is true that any dog can get tired and have trouble staying buoyant. Either way, if your dog spend lots of time in the water, a life jacket is a must have to keep him safe at all time.

Our durable, lightweight and comfortable life jacket is perfect for the adventure dogs. Have your dog join you on the lake, in the river, in the ocean or even in your backyard pool. The reflective dog life jacket is made of fibre and is very light, weighing only 200g. It’s unique design makes it easy for you to put on your dog and also to get it off. Spot you dog easily in the dark with the reflective strips. 

Choose between two different striking colours to easily find your dog while out on the water. The life jacket has a handle to help you easily and quickly grab hold of your dog if necessary. It can also help teaching your dog to swim by guiding him in the water until he feels confident. A D-ring allows you to clip your dog’s leash to the life jacket and safely release him in a secure area. Our dog life jacket provides both buoyancy and visibility even for the serious swimmers. A must have for boating and other water activities. Please note that you should always supervise your dog when swimming in water. 

Due to popular demand, this product takes between 20 to 30 days to arrive.


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