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About Our Pet Care Services


How did On Leash pet care services started? The founder, Marie-Ève, born in Québec, always loved animals. From a young age, she cared for cats and dogs and later discovered a passion for dog training. On a road trip to Mexico, she stumbled upon a stray dog and her puppies. Pablo’s piercing blue eyes and curiosity was all it took to adopt him and bring him back to Canada! 

In 2019, Marie-Ève decided to move to Kelowna. There, she cared for different breeds of dogs through the Rover app and word of mouth. After the hectic 2020, she decided it was time to follow her dream and started On Leash, which specializes in personalized dog walking services. Marie-Ève aspires to become a certified professional dog trainer within the next few years. Her goal is to help dogs and their owners live a better life together and strengthened their relationship through positive training.


On Leash is a personalized pet care services in Kelowna. 


On Leash believes that each dog is unique. Therefore, we accommodate to their specific needs, ages, energy levels and personalities. When we go on a walk, we are not in a hurry. Instead, we make it your dog’s moment! We let him sniff, explore their surroundings, meet new human and furry friends, and of course, we clean up behind them. We also offer training walks and puppy walks to help you achieve results faster using positive reinforcement methods.

The health of your pet starts with good food, daily exercise, proper socialization and mental stimulation. On Leash understands that a busy schedule can mean less quality time with your pet, which is why we want to help. On Leash offers a variety of pet care services to make sure your dog stays happy and in good shape to avoid future vet visits. On Leash believes that with the right training tools and toys, along with positive training, patience, love and consistency, we can help you get a well-behaved dog and strengthen your relationship with him every day.

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